Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do You REALLY know what hospice is?

by: Laura Bonetzky-Joseph
(c) 2009 All Rights Reserved

This is near and dear to my heart. It is two fold. One to bring awareness to what hospice is. I was one who didn't quite know what it is even though I knew it helps those terminally ill.

Everyone I have talked to all have the same experience so far. "I wish I got hospice involved sooner as it make such a huge difference".

This is not to mention how it has affected my family and the upcoming generations. The 2007 walk (last year rained), I was so proud of my daughter who was 9 at the time that she asked to walk with me and to help raise money. Acutally she and her sister Shannon (age 6 at the time) held a competition as to who wanted to raise more money.

I was astounded at that age they wanted to do this all on their own. Talking about making a parent proud. Makes all this worthwhile.

I have also watched people donate and educate their own children not only about what hospice is, but the importance of charity.

To make a difference in such a small way is so rewarding.

The second is to raise money for this organization so those terminally ill can transition to the other side with dignity and preserve their quality of life as much as possible. Hospice assists patients in their own homes and in skilled nursing facilities - in comfort and living on their own terms.

Please go to my link: to learn more about what hospice is or to make a donation towards our walk April 26th. Funds raised ensure that patients receive the medications, equipment and services they need.

Thank you! Tell us did this information further educate you? How much did you know about hospice prior to this post?

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